Monday, October 05, 2009


It has been a bit of awaiting game, for the Evangelical Bible Church to see if they want to continue this ministry.  We are pumped to see that the elders/deacons want to be a witness to these wonderful children.  I need prayer as the direction to take for the next 8 weeks.  Please pray with me.

Praise:  We have a new venue where there is chairs, electricity, and toilets.
Praise:  Jess Case and Dave Williams will be help with the teaching and worship!

Prayer:  Selma (in the middle) as her health is poor.  (she has been my translator for the preschoolers!)


Jess said...

YAY!! I'm excited. And I was also excited to hear about L tonight. Thank you Jesus!!

Clarissa said...

Praise God for His provision! I really missed you guys this summer. I was ready to jump on a plane and come down for missions conference, but God's will has me waiting. The Slovo kiddos remain in my heart!