Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I look daily at my friends blogs. It is one of those things, who would ever read just life. But, life is interesting.

We had a blast at a "fancy dress" party this Saturday. It was a fun raiser for the Youth at Wentworth church. First, You probally thinking prom dress but, it wasn't. Fancy dress in South Africa is the term for costume party. So, James as Hook and me as Tink (more like a leafy fairy) we had fun. James shared the Gospel to the group--they were suppose to invite non-Christians but most were saved.

The kids had another costume party here in our little neighborhood. The wierd thing about our kids is that they play dress up weekly if not daily. So, to have them dressed up was not hard to find costumes.

Oh, I won a cut and style for 1st prize for R170.00!! So, be watching for me to be TRANSFORMED.